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“Hivi Ndio Kunaendaga” Hit Singer Majirani Turns Farmer!

Popular Kenyan rapper Majirani has a peculiar side hustle for a celeb. Farming!

Known for his hits Tukumbukeko and Hivi Ndio Kunaendaga, the rapper whom some years back dropped out of a criminology course in university to pursue music, has decided to supplement his music hustle by growing cash crops.

He says: “Farming is like any other business. You need to invest well. And yes, farming is profitable.”

Majirani, who is currently pursuing a degree course in IT at Moi University, is juggling school with music and farming his 10 acre land.

“I began with five acres but this year I’m doing 10 acres. For now I’m practicing maize farming though I’m still testing and weighing it’s productivity. Based on the result, I might change and venture into other crops,” he says.

“I would like to advice all youth, especially my fellows artistes, to never take anything for granted. Farming can change your life, let’s stop depending on music alone as a source of income.” The enthusiastic rapper adds.

Out of curiosity, what do you as a youth do for cash – especially those on long holiday?


Watch Hivo Ndio Kunaendanga below:



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