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How To Make It In The Music Industry.

  1. Perfect Your Art First-People will never give attention to you unless you have mastered your craft perfectly.If you play an instrument make sure you play it so well that it becomes hard for people to ignore you.If you want to make it in the music industry,you must write great music and perfect your performance. This will tale a lot of time,hard work and resilience.It,s NEVER a one day thing.
  2. Give fans a reason to care about you-Do you have a brand?What do people identify with from you.Whats the first impression you get when you hear of Juacali or Diamond.Or else Ken wa Maria.They have something that people identify with-Branding.Help your fans identify something important about themselves in your brand.
  3. Promote your music And Art-Some artists want to get the booth,record a song and hear it on the radio and Tv the following day.You have to promote your music.That is why established artists will always invest in anything that will push their music.If you cannot do it  find a team that will help you do it. Branding is one aspect that artists must embrace if they want to make it in the music industry.
  4. Network with like-minded people-Like in any other industry,you have to network and know people who are like minded.People who will support you and help fine tune your ideas because at the end of the day its not a one man industry.Your Network Is YOUR Net worth.
  5. Believe In Yourself-If you want to make it in the music industry you must understand that the Industry at times can get very lonely;And you need to believe in yourself not most of the times But all the time.At times you will feel betrayed and at times you’ll feel like people don’t want to support you but you have to keep moving.If you believe in  yourself,You will Never Give Up.


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