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This Is The Man Set To Replace Citizen Tv’s Lulu Hassan And Kanze Dena. (DETAILS)

Being the Most watched T.V station in kenya, Citizen T.V has added another talent to its Swahili news team. Salim Swaleh will present Swahili news every Sunday, from June 19. He takes over the Sunday show from the ever  amazing  duo of Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena.


Salim Swaleh was an editor at Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) which has its headquarters in Iran’s capital, Tehran. Apart from serving in the senior editorial position for eight years, Salim Swaleh was also a radio presenter and a special analyst on African news on the IRIB’s affiliate, Press Television.

“I am grateful to the Royal Media Services management for the opportunity they have given me to showcase my talent. I came in as Swahili News Editor but the top management had faith in me, and they have created a news programme that will incorporate me on Sundays. I am happy,” said Salim.

The Sunday show will be called Nipashe Jumapili. Besides news, the show will have heated up discussions on matters politics, economy, law, social debates among other topics.  Guests and analysts to help shed light on the agenda of the day will be invited.

 “I am taking over from the two respected journalists (Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena). I feel the pressure to maintain the tempo, but since I would be doing something different, I promise to bring with me new ideas, perspectives and action,” said Swaleh.
We wish Salim all the best in his new task.
In other news Hot 96’S Joey Muthengi now joins Willis Raburu on the morning show ”Power Breakfast”.


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