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‘Marya is the Best Thing that has Happened to me so Far,’ says boyfriend

Kenyan singer Marya is expectant. The singer hasn’t been has beenĀ focusing more on family matters. Engaged to long-time boyfriend Kevo, the two are expecting a baby boy soon and they are so excited.

Well, in an interview with Kevo, he said that he is overwhelmed and happy that his soulmate is carrying his child and “I bet she will be the best mum and wife ever.” The soft-spoken man also revealed how he felt when Marya told him that she was pregnant.

The young couple has always left many dying of jealousy. The excited father also revealed that just like other celebrity kids, his child will also have an Instagram account. The first thing the couple bought their unborn son is a pair of Baby Jordans outfits.

Just like other women, Mary’s pregnancy also came with challenges and cravings and her lover confessed that.

“She once told me to take a flight from Dubai, immediately to go cuddle her,” narrated Kevo.

According to The-Star, the boyfriend will be managing Marya her as well as other artists after the pregnancy.


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