Mbusii Is One Of The Best Reggae Radio Presenters In kenya,Here Are Some Facts You Should Know About Him.

    Reggae is probably the only genre of music that cuts across all social classes and ethnic groups in Kenya.In Kenya, reggae music is accessed through public playing in matatus, radio stations, night clubs.Reggae music has had significant influence on the entertainment culture, craft occupations and development of Sheng slang in Kenya. And when we talk about it you can’t miss to talk about one man by the name Daniel Githinji Mwangi, Alias Mbusii.

    Daniel Githinji Mwangi, popularly known as Mbusii is currently one of the most popular radio presenters in the country . His  sheng’ speaking prowess  has made him a force to reckon in the reggae Radio shows in the country.

    The ‘Teke Teke’ show host is an alumnus of Eastleigh Airport Primary and Maina Wanjigi High School.After high school, he had very hard time selling soup in the Korogocho area where he was born . Mbusii  then started going to the Kenya National Theatre where he landed roles in high school set-book plays, especially children roles due to his body physique.


    Later, Mbusii landed in Ghetto Radio and commanded a large fan base within a very short period where he run one of the biggest reggae shows in the Country.Mbusi, then made a big move from Ghetto radio to Radio Jambo in a move that caused  a huge online Buzz back then. After the move said that he was looking for growth and Radio Jambo was offering that as wider listenership and freedom are major things for growth  in the Media industry.

    Mbusii has transformed many, especially the youth through his radio platform on Radio Jambo by giving crucial life survival and day to day hustle tips.  Apart from Radio Mbusi  preaches integrity and addresses social evils in his column in The Nairobian #Nyahunyo.. The radio host is a family man and boasts of two baby girls Sandra and stacy.

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    Today, we celebrate Mr. Daniel for the positive influence he has on the youth fraternity and the whole public.


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