Meet One Of The Young People Shaping The Meru Showbiz!!!

    Meru has for sometime now been making headlines in the Kenyan showbiz industry-From artists HITS making it to the national frontier to the events and of course the flamboyancy in the industry.In the past half of the year Meru has seen a growth in its showbiz ratings with events like the Ameru Festival pulling lots of crowds and the yet to come Diamond Live In Concert expected to pull thousands of fans.

    Unknown to many there are lots of young people in the region working hard to passionately take Meru showbizz to the National level-One such is Rodgers Kipembe.Rodgers Kipembe is a young guy still in Campus and of course being the son of an MP,a guy who is well loaded.For a while now Rodgers who is an ally of the likes of Sonko and Jaguar has been spending millions in philanthropy among the young people in Meru,artists not sidelined.

    “I believe in helping the young people especially in the creative industry.All my wealth its useless if i dont help my fellow young people.We need to develop our own and push Meru to greater heights pamoja,”Rodgers says.


    Asked how much he is worth Rodgers said,”I am Rich enough to help my people.But anyway i am a businessman-I have 100 units salvage cars on Bunyala Road,vast land in Malindi and lots of other Businesses.”



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