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Meet The Self Proclaimed Chairman Of Team Mafisi From KU-Skippa Mistari.

Skippa Mistari has been one of the most sought after talent in Kenyatta University after his massive hit Tuna-Run KU.

We caught up with the rapper now turned photographer in KU for the Top 5.

1.You are currently riding high on Your New Hit FisiFisi,What was the Inspiration?

Fisifisi was a narration of a day in the life of a “fisi” as Team Mafisi members are famously called. I just observed, wrote, rapped and the rest is Fisi Fisi.

2.You are among the most followed celebs in KU,How do you deal with your female fans?

Am never in KU that much unless for business or shows once in a while. My approach to is differentiating my fans from my groupies and ensuring each play their role, he he.

3.Romour has it you have also opened a photography company is it true?

That rumour is actually true. I’ve been doing it under the radar for a while but I made it a major thing from February this year. I call my business LINES PHOTOGRAPHY that offers outdoor, event and home based photography and photo editing.

4.Why photography, Don’t You think its flooded?

Everything is flooded, name a field that isn’t. To me photography is a passion I’ve had since my dad owned a film camera when I was growing up. I once opened the film compartment of his camera and consequently ruined all his photos, trying to figure out how the gadget worked. Am just monetizing that passion. I believe if you make your passion your work, the desire to succeed is self driven and success is an assured reward even if the field may be flooded.

5.As a respected artist and photographer what’s your advice to fellow artists in Campus.

Campus gives you all you need to get your art career going except money. The audience is there, the market is there, the exposure n so much more. So work to build your art and brand first, money n other fruits of success will follow you later.


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