Meru All The Way Up!!!Koffi Drops Yet Another Banger. 

    Meru All The Way Up!!!Koffi Drops Yet Another Banger. 

    It’s super Clear ​Meru artists are now giving other Kenyan artists sleepless nights.

    Meet this talented rapper Brendan karani,aka koffi machete who has just dropped another Super banger titled MOTO.

    Koffi believes this is going to take over The Kenyan scene and beyond.

    “Koffi is just  unstoppable,he has been working really hard to deliver great lyrical content and quality visuals that push his brand across the entertainment scene.As a management we are confident this Year Koffi will pull off a surprise to many,” Says Koffi’s Manager Doreen Mpuru who also happens to be the daughter of the area MP Mpuru Aburi.

    Koffi’s Marketing Executive Kayfar Watanashati is also confident that not only will the new track be a banger but it will also be a proving point of Koffi’s lyrical and Musical prowess.

    Koffi is among the artists headlining the Ameru Festival 2017 scheduled for 15th April.

    You Can watch MOTO  Here:


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