Mseto Artiste Of The Week: Bumping Into Yusuf Habih.

    Sometimes you have no idea what you are actually looking for , so you jump from one site to another, then to YouTube to see what-is-up. That is how I “bumped into” Yusuf Habih;well for a song by a budding musician who has never featured Above the Line, it is a great start. One would be tempted to imagine they are listening to a seasoned artiste of all time – in his flagship track TANGO. Usually, it is not easy for a budding artiste to put up a song online and attract a crowd within such a short period of time – well he has defied these odds!

    “TANGO is a song of the heart… If you can relate to that spiral feeling of nostalgia and emotional uncertainty; when you are even tempted to rekindle long lost affairs… then TANGO is the song for you.

    Feel free to ask me anything about this song and I will oblique.

    Do not hesitate to share and discuss TANGO with your friends and family”

    Reads in part the caption beneath the TANGO video clip; the video has a nostalgic feel with childhood memories and a laid back setting.
    From the video comments, the plot, the general body language of the video cast, one can tell that Yusuf Habih is a serious performer; before his passion ultimately keeps you glued. With lines like, “Huwa mapenzi ni fumbo, ooh sielewi… Na mie tangu kitambo, sionekani mkweli na nimechoshwa na mambo huu ni utapeli…” it is quite easy to relate to the song. We have all been there.

    However, for a more objective appraisal, I would advise you to have look at the song below and share your feedback, because for me it was an injustice having a song with such a groovy beat with no dance in the video. What do you think? let’s tangle tangle!



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