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Mseto Campus Celebrities-Mc Shadel.

1.You are the most celebrated and finest MC in the history of Egerton University. What makes it so?
I owe this to prayer, learning on the go from the country’s top MC’s, determination to be better event after event and encouragement from fans and friends

2.As an artist, where do you draw inspiration from and apart from emceeing and books, what are you involved in?

Robert Burale inspires me for he not only MC’s but also does motivational speaking, event organizing and a fashion watch since I love fashion too. I host a show, Friday Full house and off-chest on Egerton Radio every Friday afternoon

3.Word is Campus is that you dress up too. What’s your trick?

I believe that one doesn’t need to be rich to dress right, it takes simplicity and personal worth

4.What’s do your take on alcoholism and drug abuse among university students?

It’s of much essence that the youth, not just university students choose to be high on life and not on drugs. In as much as we have choices in life, we must make choices in view of tomorrow that will only be bright if we remain a drug free generation.

5.In five years, where do we expect to meet MC Shadel?

God willing, I will be hosting shows on main stream radio and television, be one of the most sought after MC in East Africa and above all be a blessing to the unfortunate in society.


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