Mseto MCM-5 Hilarious Personalities Of Sleepy David.

    Arguably one of the best comedians in East &Central Africa,Sleepy David-Sleepy is a guy who knows to play it all in a perfect and yet simple uniqueness.Sleepy Who is also a student in Kenyatta University has proven over time that he’s the best by the many different ‘hats’ he wears.Being a Monday we chose to celebrate him for his consistency,hard work and unmatch-able passion for the stage-And to celebrate him we chose to disclose to you some of the many personalities of Sleepy.

    1.Sleepy The Body Builder

    sleepy 1 body

    2.Sleepy The ‘Mr. Romatic’

    sleepy 6

    3.Sleepy The BodaBoda Guy

    sleepy nduthi e

    4.Sleepy The Student

    sleepy stude

    5.Sleepy The ‘Sponsor’

    sleepy the sponsor

    On Saturday the 30th of this month,Sleepy will  be hosting the Family Fun RIDE ALONG with SLEEPY which is a memorable train ride from Nairobi to Naivasha and back with Loads of entertainment and on Train experiences.You can book your tickets for as low as 3000 by calling 0723 263296.



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