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#MsetoSports: Euro 2016 Kicks Off Tomorrow Amid Terror Threats

Tomorrow in France, Euro 2016 kicks off with 24 teams playing 51 matches in ten host cities. It’s a security nightmare.
Add to the mix the arrest earlier this week of a French national in Ukraine who, it’s alleged, intended to target Jewish and Muslim places of worship as well as government buildings. Security intelligence organisation, The Soufan Group, has issued their latest intelligence news on the terror threat to Euro 2016 and says while threats are credible, they are non-specific. The Group’s senior program manager is Ray Mey in Chicago. ABC NewsRadio’s Tracey Holmes speaks to him about the challenges of securing such an event.
“It’s way beyond the stadiums where they events will take place,” he says. “It’s also every element of the public safety infrastructure and the infrastructure of a major city – hotels where the teams will be staying, the movement from the airport to the hotels, the movement from the hotels to the competition sites, the training fields where the teams are training…”


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