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#MsetoSports: Do You Know RONALDHINO Almost Signed For MANCHESTER UNITED ??Here Are 7 Facts Perhaps You Didn’t Know About The Legendary Footballer

1-His Dad drowned when Ronny was just a boy. Joao de Assis Moreira, his father, passed away tragically when his son was just eight years old, suffering a heart attack and drowning in the family’s backyard swimming pool.
2- He made headlines aged 13 when his team won a match 23-0
And Ronaldinho scored all the goals. Scout ears pricking up everywhere.
3-He pretty much invented the no-look pass. We’re sure other players had tried it before, but none nailed it as regularly as Ronaldinho.
4- He loved to party … no, he really loved to party
And it got him into a spot of bother at Barcelona, where his favourite night club was, somewhat aptly, called Casanova. Ding ding.
He even had his own private section at the club, imaginatively nicknamed ‘The Section of the Legend.’
There, journalist Daniel Garcia Marco, once observed one of Ronny’s famous piss-ups which included “a succulent buffer of tarts for dessert”.
“At 4:00 am the samba came to a stop and paved the way for more reggaeton. At this point, Ronaldinho allegedly took off his shirt, and while surrounded by beautiful women, continued to show off all his dancing skills.”
Course he did.
5- A sip of Pepsi once cost him $750,000. That’s how much Coca-Cola were paying him a year to endorse their product. They soon put a stop to that when they caught him sipping Pepsi on live TV, during a Brazilian press conference.
6- He ~nearly~ signed for Man United. And this isn’t an Arsene Wenger ‘nearly’. This was minutes away from happening.
United believed a deal was done and were preparing for a grand unveiling at Old Trafford when new Barcelona president Sandro Rosell swooped in at the last-minute to royally gazump them.
Ronaldinho said years later: “It was a matter of 48 hours.”
7- He won more in Spain than Zinedine Zidane,Everyone remembers that Zidane volley in the Champions Laegue final of 2002, but Ronny won the European Cup with Barca too and two La Ligas to Zizou’s one.
And scored more international goals than him, in fewer games.


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