#MsetoWCW-Meet Niccah The Queen,Dr.Ofweneke’s Beautiful Wife.

    Its Woman Crush Wednesday and today we celebrate the beautiful Niccah the Queen who also happens to be the wife to Dr.Ofweneke.Niccah the Queen is a gospel musician with two videos already out-Pagawisha and Ushuhuda with USHUHUDA currently receiving massive airplay across East Africa.Niccah the Queen and Ofweneke have been together for a while now and are expected to wed officially soon after Ofweneke Proposed last month.The two have been blessed with two beautiful daughters.

    Below are some stunning photos of Ofweneke’s Queen.

    Niccah The Queen

    Niccah 2

    Niccah 6

    Niccah The Queen

    NiCCAH 9

    Watch Niccah’s New Video HERE.


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