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Mung’ala Mbuvi Explains How Nick Odhiambo Helped Him Get A Radio Job…

Paul Mung’ala Mbuvi from his days in Kenyatta University has always been that upfront guy in the Entertainment and showbiz circles and many would be mistaken to think he’s always been that lucky.

The One Fm Breakfast presenter did apparently hustle and hustle hard to get where he is today and even at one point contemplated giving up.

In a new Series he’s running on his socials dubbed 23 OF THANKSGIVING,Mung’ala confesses that at some point were it not for Nick Odhiambo,he would not be where he is today.


Of  Nick Odhiambo, Munga’ala says, “I think he has like a million of my voice demos in his possession. Again, there is a time I was hell bent on joining radio. I Remember one afternoon as I was chilling in my Bedsitter in Kahawa wendani, Nick called me and referred me to a page on The Star newspaper. When I looked, I saw that Radio Africa was looking for radio presenters, news anchors, TV hosts, etc. Well he knew I wanted radio so bad so when he saw the opportunity, naturally he told me to try it out. I recorded a couple of demos and sent them to him for vetting and he told me they were great.A couple of weeks later when I wasn’t called, we met over a drink and he told me words that are etched in my mind for ever, “You have to fight for the thing you want most because it will never come easy.” He probably doesn’t know this coz I have never told him but I had already given up until he told me that phrase. I renewed my energy and went back to radio hunting…….years later, here I am! “

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You can read more on his Facebook Page or catch him on his daily show on 97.1 One Fm.


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