Where Did They Go Wrong? Here Is An Highlight Of Four Talented Kenyan Musicians Who Could Have Become ”Diamond” Of Today.



    Jimmy Gait in the recent past has come under public backlash for many reasons like from the one million shillings he allegedly spent on the Makekes video to the recent Adelle cover Hello, in December.Gait also has several hits under his name like Appointment and Furifuri.Since his attempt of Adelle‘s cover badly flopped, he has gone absolutely silent .However his latest song ‘Kuna Day Is ”trying ”



    Camp Mulla could easily or rather was on the verge of being the best act out of Africa, they were just amazing and won hearts of many from the hip-hop songs they belted.They enjoyed massive success in the tough Kenyan market and competition.Camp Mulla came, conquered and then died.They became the first Kenyans to be nominated for BET awards. After that, they split because others wanted to pursue education to higher levels while others wanted to focus on solo projects and that was the last we heard of the legendary group.

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    Chantelle was a darling for many during her heydays in music. She released Toklezea with Abbas and we all marveled at the song, playing it anywhere, everywhere and every time. We yearned for more from her but that never came to be, we could still be waiting though. After being saved and being married to Producer J Blessing, that was how her career went down.



    After being introduced to the music industry with a lot of love after the Ligi Soo remix received positive airplay , way back in 2013, she proved that she was the next big thing in the industry during the time.She then went solo thereafter and after controversies started surrounding her with her relationships, we never saw her again since 2015.


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