Home Lifestyle “I Would Never Go Back To My Ex-Husband” Lady Jaydee Confesses

“I Would Never Go Back To My Ex-Husband” Lady Jaydee Confesses

Tanzania Singer Lady Jaydee real name, Judith Wambura Mbibo is no doubt one of the most celebrated singers in East Africa.
The ‘Yahaya’ singer who was once married but got divorced from her then-husband and manager, radio host, Gardner Habash revealed during an interview on Classic 105 With Maina Kageni, that she went through a very hard time when she separated from Gardner after 9 years of marriage, with no children. JIDE Confessed that her ex-husband physically and mentally abused her, which was why she decided to walk out of the marriage and live her life and to add salt to that injury, he also cheated on her. She met him before all the fame, and even after finding out he was unfaithful, she forgave him and still stuck around for 4 years, caring for him, and doing all the wifely duties, but he still did not change, and that’s when she decided to give up. Well, she is a woman who’s gone through a lot and still has been able to keep her flag flying high when it comes to her music career. One caller asked her whether she would ever go back to her ex if he came begging for forgiveness and her answer was straight to the point NO. Lady Jaydee further added she doesn’t miss him, and also talks about his cheating ways, why she is happier now, her musical plans and much more


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