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NEW MUSIC: More than Better by Joe Rubia

Ever had those moments where you want to express yourself right but the words aren’t doing you justice? I have. A couple of times! For guys, it’s not really easy for us to express our feelings and it gets so hard to try and get the right words…words that won’t be misunderstood. I listened to this new track and all I could say was “Wow! This is it!”

I have written about him before because he does not cease to amaze me. As an upcoming artist, he has chosen a really neglected genre of music in Kenya and still manages to pull his love vibes off.

Joe Rubia is the guy to watch out for guys, coz he is here to stay. And ladies, if you think yo man doesn’t know how to express himself, send him this tune. Am sure he’ll be just like me- “This is it!” And Fellas, am for real. If you’re struggling with what to say,,, trying not to be misunderstood…Joe’s new track- B.E.T.T.E.R is the tune to use.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:



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