New Record Label Essen Music Announces The Release Of Its First Single— “Thinking” By Pryshon And Nem.

    Essen Music,through its CEO Suzy Hits, is thrilled to announce the release of their first single (audio and video) by their artists Pryshon and NEM titled “Thinking.”

    “Thinking,” which is a blend of Rap, R’n’B and Afro Pop, packs a rich cocktail of provocative, playful and insightful lyrics to create an infectious burst of ear candy bound to get feet streaming to the dance floor. It details the all-familiar story of a girl who has a crush on a boy, and the feeling is mutual. They have both not had the chance to express their feeling for each other, so they are both caught up in this fantasy world, “thinking” of what might be.

    Pryshon, who is basically the infatuated girl in this story, lends her warm yet sexy voice to the song, singing about her fantasy thoughts and is complemented by NEM’s provocative, bad boy rap, a perfect matching of musical chemistry that is undeniable to the ear.

    The video, which was directed by J Blessing, is beautifully shot, fun, colourful and of the highest standards, indicative of Essen Music’s desire to raise the bar in the Kenyan music industry in tandem with it’s motto— “Committed to raising musical standards, both locally and internationally.”

    Essen Music, which is using the video release of “Thinking” as the launching pad for the musical careers of both NEM and Pryshon, wishes to assure fans and the public that this is just but a taste of what is to come from the stable. There is plenty in the pipeline, including exciting follow up singles by both artists set for release before the close of 2016.

    You can Watch this massive HIT HERE.

    Pryshon And Nem


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