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Nonini Trashes Death Rumor

From Jaguar to Mr.Nice and Mzazi Willy M Tuva are just but a few East African celebrities killed by vicious bloggers, tainting the image of our well-respected profession.

This time, these ‘killers’ have found their way into lying to Kenyan local music fans about the death of a popular Kenyan rapper through a GRISLY road accident.

Genge Godfather Nonini was maliciously killed by people who alleged that the local superstar had succumbed to a grisly road accident.

Reports reaching us is that Nonini Is ALIVE, and he personally made it clear on his Instagram account. His postwas  aimed at trashing the death rumor and reassure his family, friends and fans of his safety. Nonini laughed off the rumor as he apologized to everyone who was caught off guard by the nasty news publicized by gutter blogs.

Nonini Wrote;



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