Nyashinski And Collo Beat Gospel Artists At Their Own Game

    Kenyan gospel music and their artists have become too predictable, gospel music traditionally is supposed to give you inspiration and hope. However in Kenya most gospel musicians come out with the same predictable songs with the same predictable hooks.

    However all this is about to change thanks to two Kenyan secular music legends – Collo and Nyashinski both formerly of the group Kleptomaniacs.

    While most Nairobi based pop gospel artists are busy watering down their message and giving fans content that suspiciously sounds like the last one they just gave Collo and Nyash have both dropped independent projects that make these gospel artists works sound like demo’s.

    Collo’s Bazokizo is a song he calls a celebration of life which at the same time praises God but most admirably brings onto the platform kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and orphanages to showcase their dancing skills.


    Nyashinski on the other hand with “Mungu Pekee” (Only God) comes full steam with a song that is so inspirational that it leaves the listener wanting to close their eyes, raise their hand in the air and just start belting it out in a loud voice tears streaming down their cheeks.

    So while Kenyan Gospel acts are busy on social media showing off how well they dress or how much money they spend on the regular throwing parties, some Kenyan secular musicians are working and working hard and actually helping the youth!

    We think that both songs should definitely be nominated for the GROOVE AWARDS – listen to both and let us know what you think.

    ~ 0mg


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