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Is Octopizzo Eying For The Presidential Seat In 2022?

His Excellency Honourable Henry Ochieng Ohanga,Commander In Chief Of The Armed Forces Of The Republic Of Kenya?? This could be it! Rapper Octopizzo has hinted he could actually throw a shot at the presidency come 2022.


The “Ivo Ivo” hit maker in his latest song Prezidential,has said that he may try running for Presidency in the future, further affirming that music isn’t the ceiling, rather the end of his dream and that he aspires to be Kenya’s president in the near future. If you have listened to the song #Prezidential ,definitely you see the seriousness Octopizzo has put in this matter,further outlining the things he would do if he clinches the top sit. His first duty,he says,will be to inspire the Ghetto youth by taking Kibera youth for a week long ‘vacation’ cum meditation tour of Runda and Karen areas of Nairobi!


The Rapcellency  says he will establish many youth programs to make life easier for the struggling youth. In his manifesto, Octopizzo didn’t exclude the youth,he says he will have a viable plan in place for Kenya’s elderly community who are beaten and struggling to make ends meet with their little pension money. Indeed this guy has got good dreams for this country,we wish him all the best in his political ambitions.


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