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OH NO IT CAN’T BE THIS SOON!! Few Months After Their Wedding GUVNOR ACE And MONALISA On The Verge Of Breaking Up??

Ugandan Dancehall artiste, Ronald Ssemawere, known to many as GUVNOR ACE and his 69-year-old Swedish wife, MONA LISA are on the verge of breaking up , reports say.
Mona-Lisa Larsson has revealed that she partly blames their failed marriage on Sweden-based Ugandan blogger, Peng Peng. According to Mona-Lisa, Guvnor Ace was a good husband at first but things started to fall apart when he met Peng Peng a few weeks after arriving in Sweden.

mona lisa
The 69-year-old narrates that Peng Peng started taking Guvnor Ace out regularly and the two would lie to her that they had gone shopping.
She came to learn later that Guvnor Ace was instead meeting several Ugandan women living in the Nordic country. In an interview with our Source mid last year, Guvnor Ace revealed that Peng Peng was his childhood friend.
Peng Peng “One day they left together and I called him an hour later but I could hear Peng Peng and other ladies speaking in the background,” Mona-Lisa narrates.
Apparently, Guvnor Ace spent a couple of hours with a woman and returned home when he was drunk. Mona-Lisa also recalls that after his performance in Sweden, Guvnor Ace told her that he had lost the money he had been paid, only for her to find some money hidden in the house days later and a receipt indicating that he had sent the rest of it to Uganda. “From that day, he started to lie to me a lot and I stopped trusting him,” said heartbroken Mona-Lisa. This revelation comes a week after Guvnor Ace reportedly ran away from Mona-Lisa to settle with a Ugandan woman in Norway.


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