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P-SQUARE Brothers Finally RE-UNITE.

This is definitely the greatest music duo the African continent has ever seen. Peter and Paul Okoye have indeed put Africa on the World musical map.These guys have been doing songs so big that they top the billboard charts.They have had several international collaborations with superstars across the world.Their work with American rappers Rick Ross and T.I testifies this.


The Beautiful Onyinye hitmakers  have won numerous awards both in Africa and abroad. The twin brothers though ,recently shocked the entire world by declaring a break up.The duo had family issues and differences that ended up separating them. This has been the case of late and their fans have been putting pressure on them to put their differences aside and reunite. As fate could have it ,the twins’ rift widened as each one of them decided to go for a solo project .So bad than one,Peter,did a single song during the period. It is until recently that things changed for the better!

The P-Square brothers finally put their squabbles aside and became a thing once again .On their Facebook page,they posted: “That it took our stupidity to realize that FAMILY comes first, We are VERY SORRY. @peterpsquare @rudeboypsquare # dembeonenobetwo” This has ignited a positive feeling among their die hard fans. “Wooow,i can’t believe you guys are back together! Thank God for you,can’t wait for your next hit,” commented a fan on their post. Indeed man is to error,it happens once in a while.We wish P-Square the best of luck in their  career.


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