“Papa Wemba Predicted His Death” – KIDUM

    Did PAPA WEMBA Knew he was going to die soon? Well, there are some who think he did, Kenyan Based Burundian Musician KIDUM is one of them. While being interviewed on QFM With RASHID ABDALLA & MUNENE NYAGA , KIDUM Revealed that the late singer may have predicted his own death in a Facebook Post he shared earlier this year on his page. The Influential Congolese music star Papa Wemba died after collapsing on stage in Abidjan in Ivory Coast, media reports say. Video from the concert shows the artist, who was 66, slumped on the floor as dancers continue to perform, unaware of what is happening.


    KIDUM also added that if he was asked where he would like to meet his death, he would probably choose his home where he has planted a certain tree.


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