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[PHOTOS] Here is The Sleek Ride BEBE COOL Gifted His Wife Yesterday On Her Birthday Yesterday:-

With no doubt, Bebe Cool is the ‘sweetest’ husband any woman would wish to have. The Gagamel Entertainment CEO surprised his wife Zuena Kirema by giving her his newly acquired Mercedes Benz CLS 350 on her birthday.
The singer revealed how a beautiful woman with a good heart like Zuena deserves every good thing on earth and that a Benz was the smallest present he could offer since she deserves more.

Zuena1 Zuena
“A beautiful woman with a beautiful heart deserves anything and everything. Happy birthday once again, my wife. I found i had nothing to give u this time that could make sense and so I kindly request you to kindly accept my small present from my heart On your next birthday I promise I will be more prepared.” Bebe Cool wrote on Facebook.
Zuena in her Mercedes Benz CLS 350

It will be remembered that the “Love You Every Day” singer had earlier gifted Zuena with a brand new Mercedes Benz on Valentine’s Day in 2015.


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