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Photoshop Queen Going to China For Real!

A Kenyan girl from Meru county desired to go to China so bad. Seve Gat’s- she of Photoshop fame is getting her passport ready, thanks to one of the founders of Nailab, a startup company for entrepreneurs and innovators, Sam Gichuru who offered to see to it that Seve Gat’s  gets her China dream. She will be traveling to China after all. This time for real.



In a statement on his Facebook, Sam wrote:

Dear Seve Gat’s
Today, I wished I could buy you a ticket, but I can’t afford it, the good news is I have friends, many friends….
So, I have harassed all my friends, so much, I think I have lost half of them, but they are amazing people. I’m collecting frequent flyer miles and commitments.
I like dreamers because I’m a dreamer and my weekend dream is your ticket to Hong Kong, China.
If you were serious, I mean really serious, I have good news for you, get your passport ready because your dreams are about to come true.
Hope this Facebook post finds you. Get intouch.
A dreamer just like you
Ps: To the rest, please don’t photoshop yourself, it won’t work and I need my friends

Sam Gichuru is part of the team that discovered Morris, the eloquent street kid.


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