PLAY Of The Week-Storm In The City By Festival Of Creative Arts.

    Storm in the City is a hilarious suspense drama of riotous misunderstandings as couples who have arrived at the 10th anniversary wedding celebration of the city’s top politician and his wife are torn apart by clandestine affairs causing a spiraling chaos of deceit, manic cover-up and marital mishaps.

    But the complications and confrontations – far from ending – are only just beginning.Will the comic chaos settle down long enough for the truth to emerge in this delightfully funny and well-constructed comedy of misunderstandings?This up-roaring comedy will leave you in stitches from beginning to the end and if you’re a fanatic of theatre with loads of humour and much entertainment then you should quickly get yourself a ticket to watch this extremely hilarious comedy.

    The play will be staged by an  all star cast of Maina Olwenya, Top comedian J.B.Masanduku Jnr., Robert Agengo,May Wairimu, Liz Ngugi, Johnson Fish Chege, Mwaura Nganga,Valentine Wambui, Nice Githinji and Wanjira Hassan.

    It has been directed by Martin Githinji and produced by the legendary Abuto Eliud.





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