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Police Investigating Kenya’s ‘Project X’ Party Organizers. Find Out Why!

The Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board Dr Ezekiel Mutua has come in to intervene on the planned March 12, of the latter day Sodom and Gomorrah event in Nairobi by the Kenya’s ‘Project X’ Party Organizers.

“On March 12th History will be made… chics…dudes and a whole lot of booze. Come and experience the House Party everyone is talking about,” called out the poster with young raucous couples on a grind on the background.

But the most shocking part of the advert is a hint of a lawless group that will make the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah a child’s play.

“No rules, no regulations. Carry your own high whether herbs, pills – everything is legal,” continued the poster.

Its been dubbed a “sex party” , and tag lines suggest that anything goes, and all forms of narcotics are welcome. The crowd that they are targeting is apparently those who are “Old enough to know it’s wrong, but young enough not to give a f**k”. After the ‘Morality Police’ went on the offensive, calling for the event to be shut down immediately, the actual authorities decided to weigh in.

The Kenya Police have put the Kenya’s ‘Project X’ party organizers (and would be party-goers) on alert saying that they will not permit any illegal activity at this party who’s venue is still unknown. They are calling for any information as to who the organizers of the event are, basically initiating a social media man hunt for the culprits.

“Could anyone be having information on where exactly these tickets are being sold or the venue for the proposed party,” he pleaded asking those in the know to also share the same with Deputy Inspector General of Police Mr. Joel Kitili.



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