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Popular Musician , WIZKID and Popular Blogger LINDA IKEJI , are at Loggerheads Once Again

The Wizkid and Linda Ikeji, have been going at each other for sometime now , especially since reports emerged that the musician fathered another child with a Guinean lady living in the US.
The blogger had reported that Wizkid’s rumoured babymama, Binta Diallo, called him a ‘deadbeat dad’, and the musician attacked her furiously on social media, and hasn’t entirely forgiven her since then. When rumours began to circulate once again that Wizkid was facing eviction from his Lekki home, Linda Ikeji reported, and Wizkid was having none of that. The obviously angry musician took to Linda Ikeji’s Instagram post to show his anger. Linda had shared a picture of her posing with her latest acquisition, a Fendi hand bag, with the caption:
“My favourite new bag! Saw it on my style icon @upcloseandstylish page and i had to get one! #Fendi”
Wizkid then took to the comment section to drag her for all he’s worth.
See the post that started the drama;-



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