IDD RELEASES NEW VIDEO “Kiswahili” {Watch it Here)

    Do you know your Swahili? The multi-talented indie pop musician and performing artiste Idd Aziz from Kenya has released the music video of his new single KISWAHILI. An ode to the beautiful language – Swahili, the beautiful song is set to unite lovers of music and linguistics worldwide. Idd says of KISWAHILI, “I wanted to craft a song that not only sounds great but has a powerful message to last through generations. I feel like Kenya musicians sometimes take local dialect, especially Swahili, for granted so this one is to remind us all of Swahili’s special meaning and  unique interpretation.”



    Written and performed by Idd Aziz, KISWAHILI has been produced by Jesse of Revive Media and the video directed by Sync. In the video, Idd plays a primary school teacher as the storyline takes us through a classroom where, through song, he teaches young school children the importance of grasping our heritage through learning Swahili. Famed Swahili books through the 8-4-4 Kenyan education system can be seen in the well-directed video.

    KISWAHILI is an authentic Kenyan song with an East African allure. “The song’s message and composition is rich. I hope you all love it! I will be releasing more amazing songs in Swahili,” says Iddi.


    KISWAHILI on YouTube:

    KISWAHILI on Soundcloud:


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