PROFFESOR HAMO: From Mandazi Selling Business To One Of The Biggest Comedians In Kenya!

    Herman Kabogo Kago is his real name,but you know him as Professor Hamo.This guy doesn’t need any introduction,known for his super hilarious jokes,Hamo has indeed stumped his authority in the Kenyan comic arena.


    He was born 30years ago and raised in Nakuru.Hamo schooled at Kenyatta primary school and joined Nakuru Day for his secondary school education.
    Later,he enrolled at Kisumu Technical and did a course in Electronics.Well you might be wondering how he ended up on the stage right?
    Now this is the funny part,Hamo actually didn’t do all this because he wanted,his going to college was to prove a point to his family that he could actually do something with his  life.
    He actually gave up halfway through the learning and went back to Nakuru.
    Back home,he started hustling here and there to make ends meet.He then joined a music band called Tamasha as a vocalist,but things did not turn out well as this didn’t pay out.
    It is this frustration that led him to starting a Mandazi business for survival. “I started a mandazi business,I would cook them and transport them to the shops using a bicycle. That’s how I survived,”narrates Hamo.
    But the heavens had different plans for Professor,one day,as he was going round with his business,a friend told him of the Churchill Show auditions because he believed he was funny..”He kept on pushing me to go for the auditions,i was shy,but i finally went” he says.
    This is where his tables turned,he impressed the judges thou after several attempts.
    Here he is now,cracking our ribs with excellent jokes up to a level of entertaining the president of the republic of Kenya.


    Indeed,a journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step.


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