Raw G Drops A Brand New ‘Fresh Vibe’ Single.

    ​Hakuna Matata is the latest track to Raw G’s debut album.The talented “PAPER” & “ALL OUT” hitmaker, who by every release tends to lure the public with his unique style garnering more fans,has decided to bring us something fresh by taking us back to the good olden times. 

    Asked about the inspiration behind the track, Raw G says:

    My Inspiration comes from almost everything that sorrounds me.On the same note,as an artiste,the kind of music I listen to is diversified.So this time round I tried to kinda sample the all time hit song Hakuna Matata that I grew up listening to.I wanted to give the audience some love affair flashback in a more modern way as we commemmorate on the good old days….”

    You still remember the iconic group #SwahiliNation ?If you do then you should listen to this Afro-tropical masterpiece as fused by Raw G.

    Catch up with Raw G online @thetruraw


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