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Ray C Tries to Commit Suicide! [VIDEO]

Tanzanian songbird Rehema Chalamila aka Ray C has been rescued by police for allegedly trying to take her own life.

According to Bongo5.com, the Tanzanian police went to her rescue at Kinondoni Manyanya in Dar Es Salaam after she was spotted screaming in the middle of the road.

The singer has been a topic discussion for many since she got involved in drug addiction as she has been to rehab severally but it’s been a challenging¬†journey for her since she finds herself going back to her old behaviors.

In a video posted online by the Tanzanian site, Ray C is seen screaming out for help.

From the video its clearly evident she was not okay as she begged the police to give her a dagger to take away her own life.



It seems like Ray C is in a bad state.



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