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You Should All Read King Kaka’s Sentiments About Tribalism, After An Online Attack By A Fan.

The ‘PAPA’ hitmaker; Rabbit King Kaka has rubbished opinions from tribalists to avoid doing collaborations with People who are not from his ethnic tribe, the Kikuyus, the tribalist, an online tribalist on Twitter tagged Elani @elanimuzik and Rabbit @TheKingkaka and went ahead to say that Rabbit should avoid such collaborations because they ‘hate’ Kikuyus.


This one came  after the collabo Rabbit did with Elani some month back which it has been doing well. King Kaka, furious and agitated took to his Facebook page and rubbished all that and went ahead to give a story against tribalism.He even stated that he is going to do music with anybody he wants. This is what he wrote:

“My name is Kennedy Tarriq Ombima, I am Kenyan. nakuwanga na Tabia Flani, when I meet someone I never ask what your tribe is unless sikumoja uropokwe but I will never ask. I remember very well in 2007 just before the elections we were from a gig in Kisumu with Chiwawa thanks to Ade, boarded a new Akamba bus and on the way the bus was stopped several times and the people were bitter and that’s when I saw tribalism kwa macho. Tribalism Ended up killing over 1000 people hivyo tu. We Co-Exist in this small growing country of ours, I mean Kuna corruption which we are still fighting, economy iko messed up, employment Ni shida na kadhalika. I mean like many other countries pia wako na shida zao. now some people may not agree with me but hiyo Ni shida yenu. We have over 40 tribes for a reason, in the over 40 we all have our differences, our differences makes us unique.
When we fuel such Stupid Nonsense culture what do we gain at the end of it all? What? More deaths, deaths, killings, wounds that never heal, hatred, and again more deaths. Kwani Ni ngumu aje kukubali kwamba our neighbors are our families. woke up to that message and I was disgusted to the stomach. Ujinga tupu.
I am Kenyan, My Kids are Kenyan, My family is Kenyan, my fans are Kenyan.
Let this STUPID movement called Tribalism end. NOW!!!! And I will continue making music with everyone, for everyone.”

We need to unite Kenyans through music and preach love : That’s why this must STOP.


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