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Read This Open Love Letter To A Top Kenyan Hip-Hop Artist That Has Gone Viral.

He has gone silent according to the letter that was scripted by Anita Santuri who is a Co-Host of Citizen Tv’s Mseto East Africa.Anita claims that Kesi Juma Mohamed Alias Kaa La Moto made his fans worship him and she is asking  now that he is On ”Holiday” who is going to fit in his shoes.

Read the open Love Letter to Kaa La Moto Below;

Hip Hop is dead. That’s what NAS told us. What he failed to tell us however is who killed it and where it goes when it dies. He also forgot to tell us about a word god that would come to resurrect it someday. He failed to tell us that someday, there would be a reincarnation of sounds from the past; with crafts almost similar to pioneers like Ukoo Flani, only with unmatched lyrical prowess.
In the year 2009, a King was born to the Hip Hop world. He who stayed true to his identity and spread love to the nation through his socially conscious music. He who has done nothing but educative hip hop. He who has never been known to shy off from opportunities to passionately address the drug menace and condemn other known societal vices. He who was known to effortlessly rap about anything and everything.
His music struck to the innermost core of our souls. His poetry spoke life to us and assured us that there was still hope after all. His contribution made the industry come alive. He kept us on our feet whenever necessary and for the first time we could watch love and hate dance together to his words of such precision and beauty. It was magic. He was a musical genius.
Dear Kesi Juma Mohamed, a.k.a Kaa la Moto, silence is not a song that you should know all the words to. We understand the importance of your you-time and respect the privacy abound to it, but do you understand how we miss you? We may have never said it much often or openly, but believe me we loved you. We held our breath for your first step. We almost worshipped at your feet. Now that you are gone (for a while), who is to fill in to your shoes? Those that are too big for anyone to fit in? Did you really care about us KLM? Like we did about you? Why then leave us high and dry? Why had you to be so good, get us so used to you then just leave, vanish to the unknown? When will be back, KLM? Are you reinventing yourself KLM? Better be, because we don’t want to imagine a scenario where you are not okay and we are not there for you. But in the unlikely event that you are, check your blind spot, see that our love for you is still there. Hope in such situations is not enough and you will need someone to lean on. Look around you, KLM, everyone is blessed with the ability to listen; the deaf will hear you with their eyes, the blind will see you with their hands. Listen to the insights of those who have been there and learn your way back; back where you belong.
Sincerely yours,



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