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“If He Really Claims That He Was So Influential at Grandpa, Why Hasn’t He Produced Any Single Song Wherever He Went?”- VISITA To DNA

The beef between rapper DNA and GrandPa records seems to be catching fire as day go on by. GrandPa records has come out to trash DNA’s claims that the latter was in production during his tenure at the record label. GrandPa boss, Refigah took a side snipe at the rapper in a Facebook post alluding to a ‘dead donkey… throwing kicks at the government while still in the grave’. “There’s a dead buried donkey porridge head trying to throw kicks at the Government while he is still in his grave 6 feet under…watch this space!” he wrote. Also speaking to The Nation on behalf of the record label, Visita termed DNA as a ‘non-issue’ reasserting that the rapper had left the label at the end of his contract and was never involved in production as he claims. On behalf of Grandpa Records all I can say is that DNA is a non-issue. He left after his contract ended. At Grandpa, DNA was only an artiste as opposed to his claims that he assisted in production. I do all the production at Grand Pa and there was no given time DNA was involved in any song production. If he really claims that he was so influential at Grandpa, why hasn’t he produced any single song wherever he went? He is a long gone history,” Visita reportedly said. This comes shortly after DNA threw major jabs at his ormer label, claiming that they were behind the rumour that he had ‘slipped back into drinking’ after battling his addiction. His bone of contention being that his slipping back into drink was none of their business as it had nothing to do with his departure from the record. He went on to claim that he was never paid for any of the collaborations he had done with other various artists adding that the label had thrived because of him, that he carried their success on his back and they were doing badly since his departure. He claims that he was unhappy and that is why he left the label without bothering to renew his contract but from the look and feel of things, there could be more to this beef than meets the eye.



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