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REMA NAMAKULA Apologises For Featuring IN “TUBONGA NAWE” Song

Ugandan Singer, Rema Namakula has come out and asked fans to forgive her for featuring on the “Tubonga Nawe” song.
The singer made the apology while appearing on NTV Uganda music show where she had been to premier her latest video, “Sibyamukisa” on Tuesday.
She explained that she is not really into politics but was simply approached to feature in the song and went ahead to ask her fans to forgive her. “You know, they contacted me to come and participate in a song. Just like any other musicians that make a living off singing I participated but I didn’t know the after effects of getting involved,” Rema said. “Am not into politics, well, i apologize for hurting some of my fans! If fans are hurt am hurt too. I’m sorry,” she added.
Rema’s apology comes a few weeks after after FDC party leaders directed party supporters to boycott music from musicians that supported President Museveni in the last election.


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