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Revealed ! 6 Reasons Why Most 3rd Years In Our Campuses Are Single.

While you are still fresh in campus, make good use of that time by investing in good friends who will see you through your future. Because, there comes a time when you will seek and find nothing, knock on doors but they will not be opened to you. Here are some of the notions supporting that.

  1. External pressure.

Third year comes with a lot of pressure from without.One is busy thinking about how to boost his GPA so that his name is shortlisted among those who will graduate. Basically, the energy is on how to successfully transit into the job market and get to live their dreams. She is much occupied with finding missing marks and doing retakes so that she catches up with the rest. The pressure is intense and real.

  1. Taking it slow.

In the early years of campus, young men and women are full of energy and pysche for life.They will try out every crazy bit of life.From dating five ladies in one class without being caught, going out with sponsors, to guzzling liquor like never before.In third year, all this things loose meaning, and slowly you will drop them of when you come back to your senses.

  1. Kubeat.

Don’t be jealous of freshers and second years that are being eyed by those handsome chaps who used to eye you when you were in those years.It’s cause you no longer that attractive for their blood desires brand new bodies wrapped clean in a full package. They say beauty fades.So at this stage, it’s true.

  1. Focus.

Most people change for the better in third year.This is because they are aware of what lurks ahead of them.So they work hard to be decent, good time managers and a bit professional They simply don’t want to miss on their dreams.

  1. Heartbreaks.

Them days when you were the beauty diva, every Tom, Harry and Dick eyed you.You opted to settle for a Jesse, untilin second year when he cheated on you with a fresher.Too obsessed with love you forgave him and moved on, only to chanuka in third year. You grow out of infatuation and make more sound decisions.

  1. Maturity.

It knocks in faster. Some things won’t make sense to you neither will they be a priority. Being on your own is much more convenient and the thought of dating comes second and can be as well ignored.




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