Revealed: This is How Much Nyota Ndogo’s Worth

    Nyota Ndogo in a recent interview with The-Star narrated her success story in which Nyota Ndogo’s wealth was revealed.

    “I used all the money I had in the bank to buy my first piece of land. At the time, I was pregnant with my second child and I had my son to feed as well. But I did not panic, I knew I would get shows that would bring in money,” says Nyota Ndogo.

    During her 7 months pregnancy period, she was on the road having as many as two shows in a day! Unfortunately, she had an accident while shuffling between events. Scared, Nyota Ndogo realized she had to take it slow.

    “I had the motivation to do as many shows as I could so that I could ensure I had enough money to feed and clothe my children. But after that accident, I had to slow down. However, I also used the money raised from the shows to build my first house, bit by bit, till it was complete.”

    The Subira Yangu star intends on building rental houses. And is the proud owner of several tuk-tuks that are used as public service vehicles in Voi.

    Nyota advises any upcoming artiste to ensure that they have a means of supplementing their income to avoid wasting away when the music business doesn’t bring in the the bacon anymore.

    Watch the interview below:


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