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Revealed! Why Many Ladies In Kenyan Campuses Today Want To Be Socialites.

Being a socialite has become a common norm among our Kenyan campus and college students especially ladies in this century.This is basically brought by the flashy lifestyle that they admire from the likes of  Kardashians which prompts them to engage in ”activities” that can support such a lifestyle.These ”Activities” may be selling their bodies to the so called ”sponsors ” to get money, mostly in our Kenyan campuses, many ladies get into relationships with older men in the quest for the flashy socialites life. These are the same ladies who want to be associated and seen with the ”Celebs” in the social hangouts.


Last weekend of 27th of February, Mseto toured Masinde Muliro University  for the monthly edition of #MsetoCampusTour, and from the tour we had a chance to interact with ladies from the varsity .We did a chitchat with them concerning the rampant rise in the number of ” socialites” in  the  country .We did an interview with Barbra, a fourth year Mass communication student who said that ladies are trying to copy the western life so that they fit in the society  to attain the pace set  by the likes of Vera sidika. Barbra said that ladies are desperate for fame and ”cheap publicity” which forces them to be socialites to get the attention from people.

Barbra advised ladies in campus to do clean hustles to earn their daily living rather than struggling to be socialites .Listen to what Barbra said below;




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