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Is Ringtone The Richest Kenyan Artist?He Opens Up About How Rich He Is And People After His Wealth.

The Kenyan Showbiz industry is an interesting one especially when the conversation is about Who is richer than who and who is famous than who.Whereas there has never been an articulate listing of Richest Kenyan celebrities,The socials are awash with speculations on who is worth how much with the Kenyan Celebrities going to any lengths to justify their worth.

Earlier this Morning Ringtone,who’s video with Christina Shusho just hit a million views,has come out to declare himself the Richest Kenyan Musician and also alleged that most of his fellow musicians are envious of his wealth and fame.Through a lengthy Facebook post,Ringtone has also mentioned of malicious people after his wealth and goes ahead to warn them saying, “GO TELL THEM I CAME FROM THE STREETS AND IF I NEVER DIED WHEN MY MOTHER THREW ME AWAY I FOUGHT WITH THE HELP OF MY LORD JESUS TO BE HERE. THEY SHOULD BE SCARED BECAUSE I WILL CRUSH AND DEFEAT THERE PLANS AND PLANNERS. I ALWAYS COME ON TOP IN JESUS NAME”

Whether its true or not,its clearly evident Ringtone has hustled his way up the ladder and remains one of the most inspirational Grass to Grace Kenyan story.Ringtone owns a mansion,Several businesses and is also a minister of the word of GOD.

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