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Romantic!Check Out King Kaka’s Birthday Message To His Wife!

The King Kaka,the swahili Shakespeare,simply the cream del a cream of the doppest Hip hop artist   Kenyan music industry has ever seen.
Rabbit has been something else in the music arena,doing a poetic genre of music in such a delicious way.


The “Leta” hitmaker has been doing song after song with all of them becoming hits.
Rabbit has such a huge fan base,however his personal life  has been a matter of concern
Who is Rabbit dating?? This has been a question that most fans have asked themselves with very few getting the answer.
King Kaka is surely dating! Yes! The “Sitaki Kukuona ” hitmaker is in love,a beauty by the name Carter Ninifelly owiti
Today ws the birthday for this Queen ,Through his facebook page,King Kaka sent a very heartwarming message to her that you should check out;


To my Queen, Nana, as you celebrate your Born Day. May God grant you your wishes and Thanks for always holding me down tangu kitambo.
Leo pia wewe lazima ukule mutura ya ng’ombe nzima na supuu ya 20litres.
Happy Birthday My Queen,” said King Kaka.

Indeed,as he says in his song Twende ft Sudi Boy, “nimekamilika,asilimia zaidi ya mia”
Love is in the air!! We wish Rabbit and his Bae a long lasting relationship full of God’s blessings.


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