SAD!! Big Kev Loses Eyesight

    Trublaq CEO Big Kev, born Kevin Ombajo, has lost his eyesight. In a lengthy post on his social media page Big Kev, who has in the past undergone several surgeries to remove over seven brain tumors, said he won’t lose hope despite going blind. “I can only comment on my own experience because on this I am an authority.
    “A few months ago my family was told to make a decision regarding my health otherwise it was a wrap. I wasn’t given much time but by God’s mercies I am here dictating a post months later.
    “One month ago I lost my sight, the doctor’s call it optic atrophy they say that the optic nerves dried up. As I fight to recover one thing is not lost on me I serve a God of the living, he is in the business of giving life, he is in the business of restoration, anytime you are backed up to a dead end you turn to him because that is where our hope lies. “Regardless of what we go through and the most difficult of situations especially where man’s ability ends it’s the Lord’s report we believe and in his ability we place our trust. “On occasion I have been told to trust in my inner strength, courage and ability to overcome but the honest truth is I’m not able. Sometimes it feels like a bad dream and sometimes I’m afraid , sometimes I’m told to just have faith but it is not so easy but in the darkest of times and I mean literally I choose to believe that GOD can and will drop this shackles off my body so that I can praise him.
    “In the books of acts the bible says the church prayed relentlessly and the prison doors opened and an angel released Peter from prison on the day the authorities were to make a public spectacle of him. “Next week I will be on the ground to coordinate the gospel extravaganza as we endeavor to offer a magnificent sacrifice of praise. Let us give thanks in everything as we pray for our loved ones and those in need, earnestly keep praying for me that I may be free like yesterday ….I believe God for my complete healing and recovery. #baraka.”


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