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Very Sad : Bobi Wine And Other Artistes Raided In Studio By Armed Ugandan Police. (Details)

Bobi Wine and other local artistes together with a CEO for Bigs production were today raided in the studio by armed police officers as the swearing in for Museveni was going on. This comes few hours after Kizza Besigye was also arrested. Bobi Wine was doing an interview with New York Times while the other artistes were rehearsing for a small gig they were to attend later during the weekend.

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The artistes together with the CEO were bundled and thrown into a police car after Bobi’s pleas to convince the police that they were just young and productive youths proved futile. Bobi has been on crossroads with the Uganda government after failing to support the ruling government during campaigns, the infuriated Bobi told the police to think twice before calling him to calm down riots in the ghetto.

This is what he wrote in reaction to the incident:

“Meanwhile, as the swearing in is going on, our rehearsal studio in Kamwokya was invaded by armed soldiers and police as young Firebase artists were rehearsing, and others were watching the swearing in on T.V. They were beaten and arrested (no charge yet). Even when I tried to explain that these youth were no harm to society and actually productive members of our community, nobody listened. They were bundled up to into a car, humiliated, and are now detained at Kira Road Police station. The arrested artists include: Red Aya, Dex, Wagi, and the CEO of Bigs promotion who had come to book these artists for a small gig. I was actually there doing an interview with New York Times when this happened.
Many times I have worked with the Uganda police to calm down riots and to create peace and stability in the ghetto, as well as to build a good relationship between the police and the common people… To the Uganda Police: next time you call me to calm down riots in the ghetto, please remember how you have treated our people… I MEAN, WHAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP IS THIS?
# ImpunityUG
# NdiMunaUganda”


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