SAD! ‘Golddiger’ Hitmaker JACKIE CHANDIRU’S Current Look Will Shock You

    Ugandan Singer Jackie Chandiru’s current look has made music lovers and her diehard fans who like listening to her music, worried about their singer’s life. It will be remembered that the “Gold Digger” hit-maker was recently found fighting for her life at her home in Bukasa and rushed to hospital by good Samaritans. The singer who was found to be using cocaine underwent an operation at Mulago before she was taken to Bunamwaya Rehab Centre.
    Although she is steadily recovering, the Former Blu*3 singer has lost a lot of weight and developed scars and black spots on both her hands and feet according to her recent photos which have gone viral on Social Media.

    Here are the photos

    Jackie Chandiru. Jackie Chandiru Jackie Chandiru,


    1. Drug and substance abuse is an issue that needs keen focus from the concerned stakeholders. These are the same people our children will look up to as role models but if this is what they get, then we are headed towards the reverse direction. There are immense unspoken issues that result to drug abuse that need to be addressed to avoid such results. Posh and lavish lifestyles does not mean comfort and happiness. Open letter to whom it may concern. This is sad.


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