Inspirational Thursday: What Bahati’s Father Did To Him Is Much Heartbreaking!

    You might wonder why Gospel singer Bahati is always talking of his mother but rarely says anything about his father.
    Kevin Bahati,the “Mama” hit maker has got a very humble background.Growing up in a children’s home and not even getting a chance to get the parental love like every child does.

    In his song , Mama, He states that he  was nine years when his  mother passed on , hard  life started taking its path.
    After his mother’s demise,the only relative Bahati could relate to by then was his father.But as fate would have it,his father remarried and relocated leaving the poor kid all alone in the world.
    The ‘Lover’ had to struggle with life finally ending up in Kariobangi slums,the only home he knows.
    He then moved to ABC children’s home in Kariobangi where he has grown up build his music career. Now You Know Why the EMB records owner  lover his ”Mama”


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