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SAUTI SOL:One Of Us Is Getting Married.Who Might Be This ?

Most definitely this is one of the  biggest band in East Africa.Sauti Sol is a house hold name in the music industry,known for their mega hit songs and a huge fan base. Apparently,Sauti Sol has  a nice synchrony that fans barely know the names of each of their members and their personal life. “Most people just refer to me as Sauti Sol, basically all they do is call me ‘ule boy wa sauti sol’ ” says  Bien Aime, one of the band members.

Interestingly,as fate would have it,the band recently has come out and leaked the news that one of them is marrying  very soon. The guy is Baraza,the bald headed guitarist and a known guy to you ofcourse! Baraza has found love in Nigeria,a darling by the name Chiki Onwukwe.The two lovebirds have been dating for a long time now and felt its about time to tie the knot.


Though the exact dates haven’t been communicated but the band insists its very soon. We wish Baraza and his lovely wife-to-be a wonderful wedding and life thereafter


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