Is This The Saviour That Was Sent TO Save The Kenyan Music Industry? Well, Meet Him Today!

    Do you remember  the NIKO NA SHAMBA TURKANA hit? I know as well you remember LOOKING BACK a recent classic hip-hop song with a country feel that has enjoyed massive airplay .

    Now O-MAE is at it again this time featuring the legendary LABALAA of Wakamba wawili hip-hop group, in a club banger jam called KITU KALI, I know you are not used to these guys doing club bangers but damn this one is a killer you got to listen to it and it sure will keep you on the dance floor.

    You see a diamond is a diamond no matter the amount of dirt covering it, and the opposite is also true. In KITU KALI These[ two creative artists have decided to remind you that. As the chorus goes (…..kama kitu ni kali basi ni kali ….. na kama kitu kiko chini basi kiko chini……) translating to “If something is hot it’s hot and if it’s not it’s not” you can’t sugarcoat it.

    Watch the brand new Kitu Kikali Video Below.

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    Twitter : @OMAEMUSIC



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