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SHEEBAH KARUNGI Apologizes To PALLASO, Begs For Collabo

Team No Sleep singer, Sheebah Karungi has come out and apologized to Team Good Music Boss, Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso for attacking him in her latest hit song, “Wantama”, which hit the airwaves about a month ago.
It will be remembered that Pallaso and Team No Sleep, a group he formerly belongs to, have been at loggerheads lately with each camp attacking the other through music and via Social Media.
Through the Team No Sleep Facebook page, the “Nkwatako” hit maker wrote a lengthy apology in which she asked to forgive her for attacking him.
Sheeba, who described Pallaso was a talented man, confessed that the “Twatoba” singer made a great contribution to the person she has become.
In the same post, Sheeba revealed that he mother is deeply in love with Pallaso’s latest song “Mama” and asked him to consider doing another song with her because the fans would love it.
Read Sheebah karungi’s full apology to Pallaso:
“I know the world might think sheebah is crazy but this is real and it bothers me so much that I finally have to let it out. I am posting through TNS page because i want to speak on behalf of my team but mostly myself.Pallaso I know me and you have come along way and you are a true friend who always had my back and it brings so much pain not only on your side alone but on mine as well when I have to record songs against you because when it comes to me and you it has always been nothing but love. I understand your grief, your young brother died at the hands of my manager Jeff Kiwa and he was my best friend as well but please let’s just let that go and create room for new beginnings. Past is past. You are such a great man and you contributed so much to who I am and I miss all the good times as well. FOR WHATEVER went wrong I am sorry because none of us is perfect. I speak on behalf of TNS, and I send this genuine apology to you King. You are a very talented man and I am so sorry but you should understand that me and Jeff is strictly business and you are still loved. You very well know I don’t even write music so all that is written for me I sing and there is nothing personal. I say this from the most bottom part of my heart, I also still have mad love and respect for you and I wish you well on your journey.My mum also loves your #MAMA song and By the way the fans need something of us together so think about it.Please help me share this post. NO MORE BEEF.”


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